President's Message

President of Tacoma City Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, INC. 2014-present
Historian of Asberry Culture Club 1997-present

Mrs. Cynthia Tucker was born and raised in Downingtown, PA. She came to WA via the Military.
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker’s last duty station was Fort Lewis, WA. They like the area and state so much they decided to make this their home. She raised 5 children during her travels as a military spouse while traveling and residing in other countries, and many states.

She first came to the Colored Women’s Club in June 1996 after being invited to represent DR Nettie Asberry in a skit performed at the Tacoma Dock Street Marina. With a strong desire and interest in African American History, the impact of the program impressed Mrs. Tucker to seek out the Tacoma Association of Colored Women’s Clubs. Mrs. Freddie Barnett became her mentor who also recruited Mrs. Tucker to join the Asberry Cultural Club. The fit was perfect.

Mrs. Tucker joined the club in June 1996 as the Corresponding Secretary. The next year she signed up and was elected to be the Historian for the Asberry Club. From that point on Mrs. Tucker continued to be a member interested in keeping alive the club and all it stands for.

June 1997, Mrs. Tucker graduated from The Evergreen State College in Tacoma WA with a strong desire to continue learning and sharing her rich African American History and Culture. Over the many years while being involved with many of the clubs programs Mrs. Tucker gained the knowledge she was seeking.

Jan 2007, WA state History Museum invited the Washington State Colored Women’s Club to be a part of the Washington History Consortium while preserving the club’s history in the state. Mrs. Tucker, Miss Addie R Dunlap and Terance Tucker (son), worked tirelessly for two years while recording interviews and digitizing oral history of senior members, gathering documents, researching pictures and history of the Washington State Colored Women’s Clubs. Finally in 2009 the project was completed. The completed project is now for view at the
In May 2014 Mrs. Tucker retired from WA state employment and assumed the role as President of the Tacoma City Association of Colored Women’s Clubs. The club continues to grow as we all strive and work together in the community to preserve our rich history. As we lead into the next generation of women and capturing the essence of our history and cultures, TCACWC WILL FOREVER BE A STOPPING PLACE IN THIS PLACE.

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